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Finding the Perfect Diamond Requires Knowledge of the Latest Trends

Many women’s idea of a diamond engagement ring usually is that of a yellow gold band with one large diamond. That is the classic, traditional diamond ring given before a wedding, of course.

However, as people gain an education about diamonds and fine jewelry, other options for engagement rings are becoming popular.

With all of the choices of different types of gold and diamond settings available today, there are many details about ring buying that you need to know. There are many metals, stones, and precious materials available.

The first thing to check is color. Color for a traditional diamond goes from letter D to letter Z. D is colorless and Z would be yellow-brown.

Lately, celebrities have picked colored diamonds for wedding bands. This trend is getting more popular. Colored diamonds are more expensive, however.

Next is cut, which sometimes is confused with the shape of a diamond. Cut is the proportions and finish of a polished diamond. How a diamond is cut changes how the stone reflects natural light. Cut is just as important as weight, color and clarity.

Next is the clarity of the diamond – the amount of blemishes or flaws in the stone. Each stone is placed under 10-power magnification by a trained diamond grader to determine clarity, typically.

Most people buy stones with imperfections, but this is fine as they generally cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Carat weight is the next criteria for a diamond. This is the weight of the diamond which, more or less, translates to size. Large carat weight diamonds are certainly stunning, however, the price goes up almost exponentially, as the larger diamonds are so rare.

Band color is also very important. Yellow gold, a classic choice, though not as popular as it once was. White gold has been gaining much popularity over recent years. Platinum bands are becoming the modern bride's premiere choice - more durable, however, more expensive.

Knowledge of the different options can help create the perfect ring for you and your bride. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you both love the ring you choose.

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