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High School Sweethearts Reunite, Marry After 50 Years Apart

It sounds like something straight out of a cheeseball Rachel McAdams - Ryan Gosling flick: boy meets girl, boy loses girl, man finds and marries woman 50 years later. But for Diane Harris and Rodney Day, the Hollywood ending is reality.

The Californians were high school sweethearts back in 1959. One late summer night, the couple was driving home from a drive-in movie -- as Harris told the Napa Valley Register, she can't recall the film because, "I don't think we really watched it that much."

Day must have drifted off to sleep, because when he woke up, the car was in a ditch, and his girlfriend had gone through the windshield. The sweethearts were taken to different medical centers -- Day was in the military and went to a local Air Force base for treatment, while Harris went to a nearby hospital.

Diane Harris's mother did not approve of the pairing, so the elder Harris used the accident as an opportunity to break the couple up. Mom told both teens that the other one wanted to end it, and Harris and Day never saw each other again.

Fast-forward 50 years to this April. Harris had been married and divorced twice, and Day became a widower in 2007. Day tracked down his high school sweetheart and sent her a letter. The two began emailing, and the couple married on October 17 at an Elks Lodge in Napa, Calif. Day told the New York Post, "It was like 50 years apart hadn't happened."

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