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How To Propose Marriage This Holiday Season

The month of December has special meaning for so many people. It is the holiday season, a truly sparkling time of the year when family gatherings, religious services, and the company of strangers seems to bring out the best in people. Young couples sense the warmth of the season as the thought of permanent togetherness comes to mind. Will this be the month when he proposes? Will she say yes?

For some guys the thought of proposing marriage has them scared out of their wits. When to do it, where to ask her, and what to say could be some of the questions giving prospective grooms pause. The following marriage proposal tips can help place your concerns behind you and put that diamond solitaire ring on her finger. Are you ready to create a December she will always remember?

1. Select the Ring

Before deciding where, when and how you will propose marriage, you must have your props ready. You’ll look your handsome best, but there is something you must have on hand to put on her hand: an engagement ring. The ring you choose will be a very personal expression of your love for her, so speak with a professional jeweler such as Robert Freidson at Incendia Diamonds to discuss creating a stunning custom engagement ring or to look at a broad selection of rings for your review including: classic solitaire settings, settings with sidestones, tension setting, pave setting, three stone setting, designer jewelry and more. The sooner you start looking the quicker you’ll find the perfect engagement ring.

2. Consider the Right Date

The holiday season kicks off with Thanksgiving and goes through New Year’s Day. Not every marriage proposal is uttered on December 25th as the chaos of the day can make quiet moments hard to come by. With that in mind, some alternate dates and settings can work out best:

Thanksgiving Weekend – Turkey leftovers means one thing: Holiday shopping is in full force! Guess whose mind is turning toward thoughts of the holidays? The lady you love. Consider taking some of that downtime to pull her to the side and surprise her with a platinum ring.

The First Evening of Hanukkah - Hanukkah carries with it a certain warmth, togetherness, and sense of family, which makes it an ideal time to ask for her hand in marriage. At sunset, on the night of December 21st, after the first candle is lit, take some time to steal away and profess your love.

Christmas Eve – The tradition for some families is to attend Christmas Eve service and then return home to open up one gift. Later in the evening, everyone usually keeps pretty busy, so it is not too difficult for the two of you to sneak off and take a moment alone. What a wonderful time to propose marriage as Silent Night is played, a festive spirit reigns, and with an engagement ring at the ready!

Christmas Morn – This is the favorite day for some couples to get engaged. You’ll be spending the day together as it is, so why not propose in the morning and then bask in everyone’s well wishes throughout the day?

New Year’s Eve – Besides Christmas, the advent of a New Year has many men giving serious consideration to the days ahead. You know that you want to marry her, why not announce your love for her moments before you ring in the New Year?

3. What You Can Say

Take a moment to think of what it means to have her in your life - the happiness and contentment that being together has brought. It's important for you to use your own words and tell her why she is the one for you. Let her know why she is so special. At the end of the day, if she loves you, no fancy speech matters – a simple proposal will do. Drop to one knee, and with diamond engagement ring in hand, simply speak from your heart!

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