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Kelly Hildebrandt Plans to Wed Kelly Hildebrandt

It is a love story worthy of its own movie, possibly starring a young Meg Ryan and a young Harrison Ford. In February, college student Kelly Hildebrandt of Coral Gables, Florida, was playing around on Facebook, and decided to see how many people on the popular social network shared her name. There was one match, a young man from Lubbock, Texas whose picture was of him without a shirt. Kelly the Girl decided to send Kelly the Boy a short message, saying that she saw that they have the same name and that she just wanted to say hello.

Kelly the Boy, who later said, “I thought she was pretty cute,” responded, and they kept chatting online for a few weeks. In a tremendous leap of faith, he decided after only those few weeks that he would fly to Florida to meet his name-twin. Kelly the Girl’s mother, who had heard nightmarish stories about people meeting online, went with her daughter to pick up Kelly the Boy at the airport. Her fears were put to rest when he turned out to be a stand-up guy and a total gentleman.

The couple became very close, and soon Kelly the Boy put in for a transfer with the financial firm that employs him so he can be near Kelly the Girl while she finishes college. After an exhaustive search to make sure that there was no chance that the two are related in any way, Kelly the Boy offered an engagement ring to Kelly the Girl, and she happily accepted.

The couple plans to marry in October. While they don’t have to worry about any name-changing paperwork, they have discovered that sharing a name has its disadvantages. All the mail that arrives at their house has the same name on it, causing a bit of confusion. And, when Kelly the Boy booked a cruise for the two of them, the travel agency almost deleted one of the tickets, thinking that it was a duplicate. Kelly the Boy had to call and explain the situation.

In an extra bonus for Kelly the Girl, her father is the last male Hildebrandt on his side of the family. The family name would have stopped with him. Now, although Kelly the Girl Hildebrandt will, technically, be in a different Hildebrandt family, the name will carry on with her DNA.

When the couple does marry this fall, one can only hope that they don’t get any monogrammed gifts.

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