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Lifetime Warranty & Quality Assurance


Quality Promise


At Incendia Diamonds, quality is a guarantee. You'll get what you pay for and more. We have the highest standards in the industry for every setting and diamond we offer. It's our promise to you - in writing.

Our Diamonds:


  • Are hand-selected for visual beauty
  • Are chosen under strict standards - only 1 in 50 diamonds are selected as Incendia Diamonds diamonds
  • Are perfectly matched for maximum brilliance


Our Rings:


  • Are of superior quality for lasting strength
  • Are highly polished for a mirror-like finish
  • Wear better over time because we guarantee our rings to be free from porosity and rough casting spots
  • Have channel diamonds that are evenly set without gaps and properly matched for lasting strength and beauty

Lifetime Engagement Ring and Fine Jewelry Warranty

Incendia Diamonds warranties the superb craftsmanship of our engagement rings and fine jewelry. If there are any defects in craftsmanship, we will repair or replace the piece free of charge for the original purchaser's lifetime.

We will replace any diamond, ruby, or sapphire with a diamond, ruby, or sapphire of comparable quality to your original gemstone purchased from Incendia Diamonds, which in normal use chips, cracks, or separates from its mounting and is lost for the purchaser's lifetime. This warranty is valid, provided the diamond, ruby, or sapphire mounting has been cleaned and checked at least once every six months by Incendia Diamonds and that such inspection has been verified in writing in the space provided in the Lifetime Diamond and Gemstone Warranty Certificate by an authorized representative of Incendia Diamonds.

The Lifetime Diamond Warranty is non-transferable and will be considered invalid should the purchaser have the ring worked on by any jeweler other than Incendia Diamonds. Your Lifetime Diamond and Gemstone Warranty will be honored when you bring your ring to our Incendia Diamonds location. Please be sure to bring the Lifetime Diamond and Gemstone Warranty Certificate and your sales receipt with you to take advantage of the free inspection and cleaning. Remember, you must have your diamond ring inspected at least twice per year (once every six months), perform any necessary repair, and have the inspection verified in writing to keep your Lifetime Diamond and Gemstone Warranty valid.

Online Purchases:

If there are any defects in craftsmanship, we will repair or replace the piece free of charge for the original purchaser's lifetime. If you purchased your engagement ring or other fine jewelry online, you must come into our Incendia Diamonds store within 30 days of your purchase to receive your Lifetime Diamond and Gemstone Warranty Certificate, and have your item inspected by Incendia Diamonds once every six months thereafter, in order for your warranty to stay current and valid. We will not accept any product that is mailed to us. 

Please be aware:

Incendia Diamonds does not warranty diamonds, rubies, sapphires, or other gemstones purchased elsewhere set into our rings. There are no warranties, expressed or implied, written or oral, other than as set forth herein. The warrantor shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages, nor the loss or damage to center stones or other diamonds larger than .05 carats.


Do you have further questions that aren't answered here?  Please contact us by phone or email: ClientServices@IncendiaDiamonds.com or 1-858-909-8224.