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Trade Up

Incendia Diamonds Upgrade Program - Be assured that your diamond holds true value with Incendia Diamonds. We will always give you full credit (dollar for dollar, exactly what you paid) for any diamond that you have purchased from us when upgrading to one of our exquisite, larger diamonds of similar quality or better. This offer specifically applies toward any diamond in an earring stud (solitaire) setting, pendant stud (solitaire) setting, or the center stone in one of our gorgeous engagement rings.

The original diamond must be undamaged, in original condition with all documents that accompanied your purchase at time of sale. Upgraded diamonds must be at least 1 carat heavier than the originally purchased diamond. For diamonds originally purchased that are under 0.60 cts per stone, the upgraded diamond only needs to be at least 0.50 cts heavier. All upgrades can be done at our store only, so arrange an appointment when ready to step up to that next level and choose your diamond that will brilliantly ignite every room you enter with scintillating light and sparkle.