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Wedding Ring Customs and Traditions

Here in the west, we have certain customs regarding the exchange of wedding rings that seem perfectly normal to us: a double ring exchange where the groom puts the ring on his bride`s hand followed by the bride doing the same for the groom. Types of rings used are typically gold or platinum, with the woman`s ring often encrusted in diamonds.

Changing Customs and Lasting Traditions

Elsewhere, the way that rings are exchanged, the types of rings used, and certain other formalities are acceptable, customs which are often brought with them when families emigrate abroad. Is there a right way to give and exchange wedding bands? Yes: whatever way you feel is right! Customs are changing, but one thing remains the same: couples are sealing their marriage vows with an exchange of rings no matter where they live in the world.

The Rings Given – Without a doubt, gold is the metal of choice for brides and grooms when they marry no matter where in the world that they live. Platinum is also prized, but often too expensive for couples living in emerging nations, while silver is favored by some who appreciate its look and value. Diamonds, and less popularly, other gemstones are often included, particularly for the woman`s ring. Some men are coming around and accepting diamonds on their own rings, but in most cases men prefer a wedding ring that is understated.

The Way that they are Presented – Ring bearers are sometimes included in wedding ceremonies to present the wedding bands to the bride and the groom. In other cases, the best man will hold the rings and present them at the appropriate time during the wedding ceremony.

In some European countries, the bride's wedding band is the same ring given for engagement – the only difference is that a special engraving is made (usually with the wedding date and sometimes the names of the couple inscribed). Which hand the ring ends up on can vary from country to country and from religious faith to religious faith; these days most modern brides simply choose the most favorable way to display their wedding bands that appeals to them alone.

The Meaning of the Rings – In all cases, the exchange of wedding bands symbolizes the couple`s fidelity to each other. For the devout, wedding bands represent that plus their relationship to God whom they see as the central part (foundation) of the relationship.

Some women prefer to wear their wedding rings on the bottom of their finger with the engagement ring first, while for others just the opposite holds true. The “closer to the heart” meaning is important to some, while the convenience of easily removing the engagement ring while at work or doing chores is important to others.

One, Two, or Three or More Rings?

In time's past, only one ring would be given and that ring would be from the man to the woman when they got married or were first engaged. A different economic climate limited the options of yesteryear's couples, but in many cases those restrictions are no longer in place.

Today, couples from around the world are enjoying an economic tide that is raising the financial prospects of billions of people, allowing the man to give an engagement ring, the couple to exchange rings at their wedding ceremony, and the couple once again exchanging eternity or anniversary rings later on in their marriage.

Whichever way that you choose to demonstrate your love, quality engagement, wedding, and anniversary rings are bands that are meant to stand the test of time, symbolic representatives of your relationship.

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